How To Get Back Your Ex

Are you trying to find ways to win back your ex? Do you know that if you use the wrong ways to get back your ex, it may make the situation worse and also harder to win your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend back?

Do not worry, the tips that you are going to find here will let you know what are the right ways to get back your ex and also the most common mistakes that you should avoid during the process of winning back your ex.

What are the biggest and most common mistakes that people will commit to get back their ex?

- You have been trying very hard to convince your ex how much you love them and you show them you cannot live without them.

- You swear that "this is the last time" and you will change your ways.

- You apologize for everything.

- You show out your desperation by calling up them many times.

What will be the likely reactions from your ex when you try to do all these?

- They try to avoid you by all means.
- They come out with different excuses to shun you.
- They ignore you.
- They show more frustration and get more angry.
- They are more firm to stop seeing you.
- They give you false hope.

How to win your ex back by not calling him/her?

In the beginning stage of the break off, we tend to do things out of our emotions. However, all these are not going to get the right message across to the other party. Give your ex and yourself a good and clean break to be away from each other. Once your ex is out of your sight and mind, you will be able to plan better in your life. A wrong word or move can hurt your feelings further.

Here is a PLAN on how you should get through this toughest time and win your ex back after that.

How can I Trust My Boyfriend /Girlfriend Again If I caught him / her having an affair?

It is really devastating to know that the person you trust the most betrayed you having an affair with someone else. You are hoping to get back together with your ex, but you do not know how to regain back the trust again.

If you have decided your mind to get back together with your ex, the first thing that you should do is to let go of the past and forgive. Sometimes or maybe somehow you will think back of the affair and start to feel uncomfortable. All these are normal. In order to rebuild back the lost trust, you should tell your partner what you want and how you feel. Hiding your feelings will only make the relationship worse as you will be filled with suspicions.

Spend more quality time doing things together. When both of you are participating in doing things together, the bonding will definitely become stronger through time. No matter what, both of you must agree to come out with some time and see each other more frequently in a week as this is to improve the relationship.

Get reassurance. Seek for reassurance from your boyfriend or girlfriend time to time. Communicate with your partner because of the affair, you will sometimes feel very insecure, hence you need him or her to assure you that such thing will not happen again.

As long as you are determined to keep this relationship and improve on it, both of you should try to keep the communicate clear and honest so that the relationship will turn better.


"No situation is unsalvageable, couples reunite everyday regardless of the situation"

Here is a guide to let you know how you can have your ex back


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